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As the formidable mass protest persists over the agitation for the absolute dissolution of the Special Anti- Robbery Squad(SARS), the tensions in the atmosphere continue to swell, even as the guts of the once silent and alleged lazy youths flare up to speak out boldly against the issues of long-held grievances. It's become obvious to the observer that the issue has surpassed just the call for an end to the brutal and extortionist wing of the police force, to much larger and seemingly weightier matters as has long affected the citizenry. The youths in particular are largely engaged in the protests, being apparently greater victims to the resultant dismal of the poor administrative service of the government at different levels. There's the call for complete Police reform as the people are clearly fed up with the corrupt practices fraught in the security system. There's the call for a review and significant reduction in the emoluments and allowances of those serving in public offices, with particular reference to the body of senators, who appear to receive beyond more than is meet for their office and official engagements. There's the call for review and increment of the minimum wage in the country. There's the call for a restructure in the country's system of administration. There's the call for an end to senseless killings by gun men and violent herdsmen in different State communities. There's the call for a reduction in the price of fuel which had recently been hiked to the displeasure of the greater masses. It is interesting to note the impact of this move on the nation. This happens to be a foundation to emerging civil unrest which the government has actually perceived, and already making desperate efforts to bring to a complete halt in order to avert further escalation. Take for instance, the assertion by the Federal Government that the ongoing ASUU strike gives a boost to the persistence of the protest on the basis of the assumption that the youths' disengagement from school affords them the time to engage in such protests. On this note, it will not be far fetched to conclude that such assumption contributed to the meeting recently held between the Federal Government and representatives of ASUU, and the proposed payment of N30 billion to ASUU on or before the 6th of November, 2020. Also, the ban on the demonstration holding in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja with claims that the Coronavirus precautionary guidelines are been violated in the course of the demonstration. Meanwhile, it is worthy of note that elections were recently held in two states of the Federation with campaigns featuring crowds of electorates canvassing support publicly for their choice candidate, and there was no ban or query with the excuse of violating Coronavirus precautionary guidelines. Mention needs also be made of the several unlikely encounters of the peaceful protesters with some armed figures who seem to have been sponsored by people of influence in the government to cause a disruption to the protest and chase the protesters away for fear of their lives. Cases of ugly clashes have been reported from different centers where the protests are held but regardless, the youths remain resilient in their push for their demands to be acknowledged and fitly addressed before considering any stop or retreat. Ironically, there are some government personalities who have come out to voice their support for the protesters. However, it's almost seems logical to quickly declare that such action is not without a political motive. As one would ask, why now? Where were these government personalities all the while the maladministration persisted? What else where they elected for, if not to represent the masses and advocate their interests with their political office. Why wait till the people have resorted to self-help before raising your fingers to join in holding up the flag? Some have even gone as far as joining in the protest to strengthen the conviction that they stand for the people but many persons have alleged that such steps are mere political stunts to secure favor for future ends. Still the protest goes on. So, it becomes evident that this is indeed a breaking point in the country as the citizens has fully gone beyond just protesting for an end to SARS to demanding a CHANGE. The big picture then is that the citizens are practically protesting against bad government in its entirety and this could lead to a revolution. Keep watching as events unfold.
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