7 New Emojis Have Been Added To The Emoji Family For Love, Frustration and Bearded Persons

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A new set of emojis has been approved by the Unicode Consortium to join the existing emoji family in 2021. In April, Unicode, the non-profit organization responsible for maintaining emoji standards, announced that there would be no new emoji release in 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the consortium announced on Friday that a minor release, emoji 13.1, has been finally put together for 2021 and it consists of 217 emojis. 210 out of the emojis are skin tone variants of existing emojis while the other 7 are entirely new emojis.

Skin tone variations of pre-existing couple emojisSkin tone variations of pre-existing couple emojis

The 7 new emojis are: Heart on Fire, Person with Beard, Face with Spiral Eyes, Face in Clouds, Face Exhaling and Mending Heart.

The Face in clouds emoji is used to depict a state of confusion, forgetfulness, being in many states of mind, being overwhelmed with many decisions, poor judgement, memory loss and other mild cognitive ailments. It can also be used when trying to say that someone is not paying much attention to a conversation or an issue, is underestimating something or has too much of an expectation.

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The purpose of the ‘person in beard’ emoji is to make it easier for men and women who have beards to express themselves without feeling ashamed or left out. Many men and women around the world have long hair and beards and the new emojis promote inclusivity of more races.

Face with spiral eyes depicts exhaustion, frustration and a troubled state. Considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, face with spiral eyes, face in clouds, face exhaling all have the consistent message of going through unpleasant situations.

Heart on fire is quite explanatory on its own and is used to depict loving emotions while the Mending Heart sends the message of a heart that is healing either from a breakup, illness or other unpleasant situation.

The vendors for mobile phones, PCs, and web platforms will create their own images from the samples released by Unicode. The emojis are expected to begin to appear on devices in the following months, however, it may not be widely available until 2021.

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