All you need to know about TikTok’s SoundOn global.

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Building a music career is no joke, on our local parlance Some would say “to be a musician, no be beans”, all the same is true to a fault and the challenges that face young music talents are numerous.

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 Let’s say you’ve got past the fear of getting out there or putting your songs out there and your lyrics are great, and you believe in yourself, you would still need a producer or someone to put their faith in your rhymes and help you get your records out there. This often is the biggest hurdle of many young talents, your music is great but has no records to your songs, for quite a couple of reasons but most especially its costs.

What is SoundOn for Nigerians Artists

Recording a song in a studio is presently expensive and many young talents on the streets, all over the place can’t afford these costs.

Well, the good news is TikTok hopes to help such artists in a specific environment get that spotlight they desire in front of many audiences (as far as your influence can carry you) which is the creation and launch of SoundOn.

What is SoundOn?

Music artists both old and new are a vibrant community on TikTok and SoundOn it’s designed for new music artists as they take their first steps in the journey of musical success.

What is SoundOn?

According to Ole Obermann, TikTok, global head of music, ” Our SoundOn team will guide creators on their journey to the big stage and bring expertise and part of TikTok to life for the artist.

We’re incredibly excited about how this will surface and propel new talent and how SoundOn will contribute to an increasingly diverse growing global music industry.

SoundOn makes marketing and distribution of musical artistry possible in an all-in-one platform by having artists directly upload to TikTok distributed through Apple Music, Spotify, and Instagram and the best part is, it is for free.

Imagine getting that song out there without the extra cost of a studio premium, not to write off the use and capabilities of a music studio or record label but for the ones who can’t afford it, this is a win-win.

Without charges, you get 100% royalty full of your musical contents on the bytedance platform, 100% royalty for global streaming services (Apple Music, Pandora, Doox, Deezer, and Spotify), and for off bytedance platform, 100% royalty on the first year and 90% in subsequent years, the company also assures artists transparency of transaction and no subscription charges.

Access to promotional tools such as audio insights and development, expert advice from the SoundOn team, access to TikTok songs, tabs where music is linked on profile pages, and promotional support through creator marketing.

SoundOn as of last year is available in the US, UK, Brazil, and Indonesia, and the team works tirelessly to expand to other horizons.

Stars such as Muni long, Games We Play, Abby Roberts, and Chloe Adams in the UK are some of the first sign up for SoundOn and as received massive success.

Conclusively, talking as open words might be the next musical breakthrough platform for many artists both old and new across the world at large.

Many successes recorded only points to the better promises This creative, helpful gesture of TikTok holds for the music industry. As this product continues to thrive and the platform grows so also with the variety of music genres from different parts of the world including countries that are yet to have access to SOUNDON. Eliminating the cost of marketing and distribution remains the capital highlight of this product.

Recount her experience, singer-songwriter, and the artist behind ‘Hrs and Hrs’ Muni Long said:

“SoundOn has created a space where anybody can be exactly who they want to be. No matter your background, your upbringing, your race, your creed, or your age, you can enter the space and claim your place. I’ve done that already and I plan to keep doing it repeatedly. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be myself in front of the world through TikTok.”

UK artist Abby Roberts speaking about working with the TikTok and SoundOn team commented:

“I’m at the start of my musical journey and am so excited about what’s still to come! I’ve worked with the team at TikTok throughout my whole career and they’ve always been so supportive of me, so I really valued the extra support and help I’ve got from SoundOn launching my music now as well. I’m loving sharing my music and creativity with my fans and hopefully reaching new ones too!”

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