Bad boss getting you down? Here’s what to do

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If you’ve ever had a bad boss, you’ll know just how difficult it can make showing up to work every day. According to Officevibe, some of the typical traits of a bad boss include not giving their teams enough praise or recognition, showing a lack of interest in their people, failing to offer meaningful feedback and poor communication.

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Sound familiar? If so, you might be wondering how to navigate this tricky situation. The obvious answer is to quit your job and while this is might seem like the only way out, quitting is a privilege not everyone can afford. Finding a new job while dealing with negative experiences can result in a lot of combined pressure and without another role teed up, many simply couldn’t financially justify leaving.

Communication is another option worth trying. Having a bad experience at work is often hurtful and can make us turn to dramatic decisions, but it’s best not to do anything rash. Your manager might not have any idea how they’re making you feel. If you can, talking to them about it before you decide whether or not to leave is a good step towards resolution.

ResumeLab recently took a deeper dive into what makes for a lacklustre leader. It surveyed more than 1,000 people in the US who had, at some point, worked for a “terrible manager”.

Participants shared their experiences of how long they had stayed working for a bad boss and how it made them feel at the time. At 47pc, the vast majority of respondents said they had stayed in the job for as long as two years, while just 11pc stayed for more than five.

They also shared their advice for anyone in a similar situation. Most participants (64pc) tried to avoid contact with their boss as much as possible and 45pc of the people who tried this said it helped. Many also cited self-care after work as a way to improve your mood and wellbeing. More than half of these (60pc) said it had the “desired effects”.

In total, 50pc of the people who took the survey said they had made the decision to quit and 83pc of them were “very happy with their decision”.

ResumeLab infographic on the impacts of having a bad boss.

Click to enlarge. Infographic: ResumeLab

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