Best Digital Tech Hub launches in Kaduna

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Life is fast evolving daily, and everyone is trying so hard to keep pace with the latest trends. One of the most common things in life is the shift from a stereotyped life to digital globalisation. Virtually everything done in life is done digitally, making every average human inclined to their digital gadgets. Digital life has made the world a global village. | Image of guest taking a tour of Cloud10 teck hub in kaduna

In lieu of this, several digital skills are fast rising and taking over the global market. A good example is that most people don't deal with raw cash anymore but prefer to transact using an online platform. All these are the extensions of the global digital revolution. Hence, people are advised to get one or two technical skills to help them thrive in this digital age.

Despite having many people taking action towards equipping themselves with the required digital skills, we still have a lot of places in Nigeria and in the world at large where the information about learning digital skills is yet to be reached—therefore leaving most people vulnerable to the different hazards that could occur to those without digital skills.

Lagos State, Nigeria, is one of the hotspots for technical skills and advancement, and the other 35 states are fast catching up with the new technological trend. One of such states is Kaduna, Nigeria. Kaduna is one of the states in the North-West geopolitical zones of Nigeria. It is referred to as the "Centre for Excellence" for a lot of reasons, one of which is her adaption to change and credible learning.

There are different technology start-ups in Kaduna State, where people go to learn and acquire the right digital skill and also participate in several digital activities. One of such is the Colab Innovation Hub, located in the Barnawa area of Kaduna South.

Lately, a new tech hub has emerged with the name CLOUD10 TECH HUB. It is located at No1, Dopemu street, beside MFM, Kamazou G.R.A., along Yakowa road, Kaduna State. This Hub was founded by Tamuno-imiebam J Abraham, a wife, a mother, and a digital skill trainer with the vision of helping people acquire the required digital skill that will make them relevant in this digital age. | Image of CEO of Cloud10 teck hub, Kaduna

Several activities take place at CLOUD10 TECH HUB. Since a Hub is a centre where other branches sprout from, Cloud 10 Tech Hub, therefore, fits into the picture of a central component where other components emerge. Activities carried out at Cloud 10 Tech Hub include; Workspace, digital skills training center, Conference room, Classes on digital skills such as programming, web design, digital marketing, etc. These services are provided and managed professionally at the highest level of excellence.


Since the cloud is big enough for a lot of us all to spread our wings, Cloud 10 Tech Hub is giving individuals a room to grow digitally, and meet up with the global digital revolution.

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