Best Internet (data) Providers in Nigeria 2021

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The internet is a system of networks that connects with other networks. Internet Service providers are companies that link companies, families, and mobile users to the internet. Data can be transmitted by either using a cable modem, dial-up, etc. for instance, a modem could be used by dialing a local number to connect to an internet service provider, when there is a connection, then you have access to the network.

Research has shown that internet first touched the Nigerian soil in the year 1995, as a realization of the RINAF project work backed up by UNESCO and was tested in O.A.U Ife, before the likes of Globacom Telecommunications,9mobile, Smile communication Nigeria, Swift, Spectranet, Mtn, etc.

There are several internet service providers in Nigeria, however, there are some that are popularly used by Nigerians. In no particular order, we will be going through each one of them below.

Airtel Nigeria - This company has proven to be very reliable when it comes to providing great internet services in Nigeria. They were among the first telecom companies to offer several affordable internet data packages meant to serve every segment of their audiences. From the people in the ghettos to the lady working in an office somewhere in the urban areas. Some areas are very well covered by their services while other areas are not. But they keep getting better. That is why they are number one on our list.

MTN Nigeria- This came up with the first GSM network in Nigeria about 19 years ago and now offers fast mobile internet service in the country, for your fast downloads, HD Video streaming, high-profile voice calls, online games, etc, Mtn Nigeria makes this possible with their 4GLTE Internet service. It now has the MTN Fibre Net which assures that wherever you are, whether a single or multi-user setting at work or home, you are always connected, it enables you to achieve more in a shorter time. There have been impressive reports about their effectiveness and coverage in most parts of the country. You can find out more about this on their site

Globacom-  According to a Poll conducted on Twitter Globacom has one of the worst internet services in Nigeria. Globacom provides communication services to larger enterprises and carrier customers. Their portfolio of solutions includes efficient and cost-effective connectivity for voice, video, and data applications required by modern businesses. It is the only operator in Nigeria with an integrated domestic and international network. They offer GPRS, 3G, and 4GLTE networks in almost all parts of the country.

9mobile- This was formerly known as Etisalat, a very popular network provider among Nigerians for fast and affordable internet services. They have wide coverage in almost all parts of Nigeria, they offer broadband solutions using seamless connectivity that connects your site to their network; network solutions that gives secure and reliable networks; managed services that ensure fixed solutions for uninterrupted and dedicated end-to-end connectivity; dedicated internet solution which ensures high-speed internet access, security and reliability and the Private IP, this is an MPLS-based VPN service that secures your connection and helps you adapt to changing demands.

 Smile communication Nigeria- Smile network provider spans across Nigeria and Africa. They provide reliable and high-quality 4GLTE mobile brand in many African countries. In Nigeria, they have coverage in major cities like Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja, Ibadan but no coverage in other small cities and towns. Back in the days they had Super and reliable and high-quality broadband internet to accelerate development and wealth creation. But their services has been on the decline in recent times. We hope they will make Nigerians smile again. Their data subscription is on relatively low for the kind of speed they boast of. You can visit their website to find out more.

Swift- This is a telecommunication service provider that was founded in 2002, obtained its fixed wireless access (FWA) license from the Nigerian communication commission (NCC) to provide multi-service broadband connectivity service to business and residential-users in Nigeria. It has network coverage of 2G, 3G and 4GLTE in Nigeria with a download speed of 14.10Mbps and 1.70mbps as the upload speed.

Spectranet Nigeria- This was the first internet service provider in Nigeria to launch the 4G LTE internet service. The NCC awarded Spectranet with the license to provide internet service in 2009. They are currently available in Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcourt, Ibadan, etc. When it comes to reliability, they are neither here nor there. Some days and in some location they are fast and reliable, while on other days and locations they will frustrate the living daylight out of you.

Netcom Africa- This is in the top 10 list of internet service providers in Nigeria, they've gained a lot of grounds in Lagos, they are one of the leading internet service provider in Nigeria from the year 2004, provide business-class internet with symmetrical high speed, though on the high side in terms of price but it is reliable.

Cyber Space- This is a Nigerian company and has been in operation in Nigeria since 1995. They introduced their 4 GLTE network infrastructure in 2014, they provide a wide range of affordable fast internet coverage in Nigeria, with an undeniable feel of more speed, mobility, security, and reduced latency. Their network caters to both individual and cooperates entities.

Cobranet Nigeria- Cobranet is a leading internet service and data provider, launched in 2003, they provide internet services for residential and medium-sized businesses and organizations in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

IPNX Nigeria – This is one of the fastest Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) companies in Nigeria that provides fast and uninterrupted internet services. They also provide telephone, cable, and television services. They are currently in Abuja, Lagos, and Portharcourt among other places in Nigeria serving both businesses and residents with innovative world-class services.

These Internet Service Providers in Nigeria are the popular companies known for their  network coverage serving Nigerians over the years and are still relevant in the I.S.P business. But some people will argue that there is no one of them that is 100% reliable in the country called Nigeria. Yes!! They are so right. But then we as the users have little or no choice on this matter. Seems like we are stuck. We just have to use the ISP that is working at the moment just as we move from one Bank ATM to another.

Written by  Oriaku Eberechi Margaret.  Margaret  is a writer and a budding digital marketer at She is also a Human Resources Management Professional and SDG change agent. When Margaret is not writing or running ads, she is a teacher and a talent developer. Margaret can be reached on LinkedIn. Connect to Margaret here.

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