Digital Strategies To Help You Boost Your End-of-Year Sales

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In a just few days, we’ll be entering the fourth and last quarter (Q4) of the year. If you’ve been in business long enough, you’d have observed that this is the season many people feel generous to splurge a little on shopping.  

Everyone celebrates the end-of-year holidays, no matter the religion they practice. And a holiday celebration is complete without the buying and sharing of gifts, ergo, more sales for businesses. 

Sales cycles E-commerce Stats Reports show that Q4 months, especially November and December, are peak months for online sales in the year. Sales events like Black Friday and Christmas and New Year shopping are the reason for this. 

Therefore, we’ve put together a few digital marketing strategies that can help you increase your sales during this period and build a loyal customer base for your business next year: 

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Optimise Keywords and Digital Content for Holiday-SEO

People’s online search behavior changes during the end-of-year holiday season. They search more for holiday-related topics like ‘perfect gifts for XYZ’, ‘best holiday spots’, ‘holiday-themed parties’, etc. A great holiday-themed SEO-optimized digital content strategy works very well for all products and services.

Therefore, you should update your organic search and online ad campaign keywords to holiday-related terms that fit your content on all digital content. This includes your blog and social media posts, website landing pages, emails, and newsletters.  

Run a Flash Sale

A flash sale is more commonly known as a discount or promotion. Essentially, you reduce the prices of your products and services to create a buy-at-the-spot impulse in potential buyers. Everyone loves a great deal and would not want to miss out on one.

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Flash sales are a perfect opportunity to increase short-term sales, sell off surplus stock and create a good brand impression. You can also easily attract new customers and retain the loyalty of old ones. It also boosts your website’s online ranking as more people visit it. 

Retarget Old Customers

There are people who may have been interested in patronizing your business but for some reason could not. Also, some customers may have not bought from you in a while. Retargeting helps to remind them that you exist and are useful. 

Do a quick customer survey to understand why they have changed their purchasing behavior. Then fix the problem (if there was any) and reintroduce your brand with lots of incentives to attract them. 

Cold-call Prospective Customers

This strategy works well with established customers or potential customers who have already shown a great deal of interest in buying. In this way, cold-calling them is not invasive but rather adds a personal humane touch to your business. 

Your call can give the critical push to help them make a buying decision. You can close out on several large deals, particularly if the person is shopping in bulk for their family or the office where they work. 

Have Good Stock Quality Control and Management

It will not only be disappointing for customers but also bad for business if you do not have enough stock to sell after creating high interest. If you are not prepared, your competitors will definitely be and will take advantage of all your hard work.

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To avoid this, invest in a good ERP cloud system to help you manage your stock inflows and outflows. This includes basics such as client and supplier records, stock control, sales ledgers, and invoices, etc. Good stock management helps you prepare for eventualities along the way.


The end-of-year season is a great opportunity to make a nice profit turn for your business. These strategies should give you a fair idea of how you can increase your e-commerce sales. There are many others which you can incorporate into your digital sales strategy. Just make sure to plan well ahead of time and tweak it as you go and you should do just great!

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