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Stream Deck Pedal
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Elgato has launched the new Stream Deck Pedal, a $90/£80 footpad that can be used to control streams, games and other bits of software.

It's an unassuming bit of kit, having three pedals that can be assigned to different inputs or a string of commands. Elgato dropped a small launch trailer to demonstrate its different uses—perhaps using it to easily drop a transition or effect during streams while your hands are busy, or assigning the left and right pedals to strafe in a game. The company also showed its possibilities outside of gaming, like using it with video editing software or pulling it away from your PC as a way to easily access controls while recording music or cooking. 

The Stream Deck Pedal can have a series of commands assigned to one input, only needing to push one button to do something like taking a screenshot and instantly booting up Twitter to upload it. Different bits of software can be assigned different profiles which automatically switch to whatever program you open, too.

Introducing Stream Deck Pedal.Instant, hands-free control of your apps and tools with 3 customizable pedals. Available now:https://t.co/tXN7RILaYG pic.twitter.com/615LkYFjhSJanuary 25, 2022

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Alongside the Stream Deck Pedal's release, Elgato has introduced Discord integration which works for both the pedal and the bog-standard Stream Deck. It lets you program commands for Discord's different inputs like push-to-talk, toggle mute and joining or leaving voice channels. 

While the Stream Deck Pedal looks relatively simple, it comes with a nice grippy surface for the pedals and comes with anti-slip feet to stay in place. It also has interchangeable springs which can be used to change the pressure you need to put on each hit zone.

I'm not a streamer and I'm generally dextrous enough that my hands can mostly deal with what I get up to when I work and game. But for streamers and those who find their hands can't keep up sometimes, I can see the pedal being a genuinely worthwhile investment. 

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