[FREE]Refactoring in C#: Improve Your Coding Skills

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Welcome to the Refactoring in C# course. This course will teach you how to apply various refactoring techniques to improve your code.

I will take you step-by-step through every refactoring and teach you everything you need to know to improve as a developer.

The refactoring techniques you learn in this course will also help you if you follow test-driven development practice. With TDD, and its Red-Green-Refactor, refactoring comes at the end of each cycle. After you write your tests and your code, refactoring will turn that code into production-ready code.

Once you improve your codebase, you will be faster and more productive.

Throughout this course, you will see how to:

Eliminate longer methods Turn complex methods into its own objects Safely move methods and features between classes Remove if within an if within an if…. Kind of statements Simplify conditional statements Simplify method calls Turn long parameter lists into a separate class Remove unnecessary parameters

By enrolling in this course you get:

Video lectures Demo for every refactoring technique Access to refactoring session, where you can see how to apply several refactorings to the same code to massively improve it Practice assignments at the end of every section

After you finish this course, you will know how to improve any code, no matter how complex it is.

This course comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. So, really you have nothing to LOSE and EVERYTHING to gain.

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Click the buy now button and I’ll see you in the class.

Who this course is for:

Beginner C# developers who wants to improve their development skills Senior C# developers who want to learn how to master how to maintain the existing code Anyone who wants to learn valuable refactoring skills which improve code quality

What you’ll learn

Understand when to move methods between classes Improve your development skills Use design patterns to remove complicated conditional statements Organize code for readability and understandability Minimise the risk of introducing bugs when changing code

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