Here Are Some Of The Best Reactions To The Wiggles Winning The Hottest 100

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The Wiggles
The Wiggles

Around this time of year, Australia’s national broadcaster Triple J counts down the Hottest 100 songs of the previous year, as voted by the Australian public. It’s one of the most popular broadcasts from this radio station of the year and this year was even more outstanding because the Australian band, The Wiggles, took out the number one song.

Back at the beginning of last year, the well-known children’s musical act covered a song by the indie Australian band, Tame Impala in Triple J’s Like A Version studio. The song, titled Elephant, racked up millions of views on Youtube and fans of all ages were in raptures when The Wiggles combined the song with their famous hit – Fruit Salad.

As you can imagine, when it was announced the number one spot on the Hottest 100 was Elephant, social media went into overdrive with comments from everyone. Sure, some were annoyed at the win but most were thrilled with The Wiggles finally gaining the recognition they probably deserve.

So here’s some of the best reactions we’ve seen to this amazing win for the Australian music scene. After all, there are generations of young people who’ve grown up with The Wiggles and now they can still listen to their favourite band on Triple J!

They tapped into that sweet venn diagram intersection of people who listened to fruit salad in 2000 as a toddler and tame impala last year as 20-year olds. Diabolically genius.

— Ruby Redshoes (@Ruby__Redshoes) January 22, 2022

I don’t want to call voter fraud on The Wiggles’ #Hottest100 win, but when one of your band members can get you eight votes at once using each arm it seems dodgy. #Wiggles #TheWigglesForHottest100

— adam rozenbachs (@arozenbachs) January 22, 2022

The Cockroaches were really playing the long game for a #Hottest100 win. Change your name, target pre-schoolers and wait for them to grow

— Imogen Hines (@Imi_cycles) January 22, 2022

Only in 2022 could The Wiggles top the #Hottest100 and it not feel like a strange thing.

— Sam Robinson (@samsquareeyes) January 22, 2022

Can we all acknowledge that thousands of millennials just worked together to get the wiggles to win the hottest 100, beating some of the biggest Artists in the world. This is payback for the real ppl who raised us! #Hottest100 #wiggles

— Patrickoliosis (@Patrick96380290) January 22, 2022

And if you’ve been living under a rock and you haven’t heard it yet, here’s The Wiggles Like A Version of Elephant – winner of the 2022 Hottest 100…

And here’s the response from some members of The Wiggles when it was announced they were this year’s winners in Triple J’s studio…

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