Love Sport But Don’t Love Ear Phones? Bose Tempo Sunglasses Have You Covered

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Bose Tempo Sunglasses

Ever wanted to go running or bike riding and still be able to listen to your favourite music – but you’re sick of headphones that fall in and out of your ears and that feeling of being ‘cut off’ from the rest of the world? Well Bose has come up with a solution with its latest pair of sunglasses on the market. Called the Bose Frames Tempo Sport Audio sunglasses, they have a new Open Ear Audio design which allows you to hear your music – and your surroundings – at the same time so you get a workout like no other.

As you would expect, coming from Bose, the sound you get with these sports sunglasses is high-quality sound. The sunglasses have two specially-designed Bose speakers which are lightweight and sit on each of the two aerodynamic glasses frames. We’ve tested these Tempo Sport sunglasses and the sound is of high quality — it was clear and full-bodies yet all without headphones!

This is the beauty of the Bose Tempo sunglasses because they’re high-performance sports sunglasses. You can be riding your bike through a mountain trail – listening to music – but still in tune with your surroundings. Or you can be jogging around your local city, listening to your latest podcast, but you’re still aware or your surroundings and what’s happening near you. Once you try these sunglasses, it seems crazy we didn’t have something like this before!

Another nice touch is the fact the Bose Tempo sunglasses are weather resistant. The polycarbonate, polarised lenses (12% VLT | 99% UVA/B) are scratch and shatter resistant. The sunglasses have a specially-designed acoustic mesh in the ports to help keep out any water and or debris.

The frames have been built for the outdoors – they’re lightweight, aerodynamic and durable so they can stay the distance when you’re doing sport. You also get a few sets of soft, silicone nose pads so you can adjust the glasses to exactly how they best fit you.

If you need to take calls, you can do this as well. The sunglasses have a dual-microphone array for when you’re taking a call.

Secure and comfortable while you exercise

They wouldn’t be performance sunglasses if they didn’t stay put. That’s why we precision engineered Bose Frames Tempo to feel like they’re a part of you, from the soft, silicone nose pads to the flexible temple grips to the custom spring hinges that hold just tight enough to stay secure and just light enough to stay forgotten. Because on the 15th kilometre, all you should feel is your runner’s high, not your sunglasses.

Survive the elements – rain and sweat not a problem

On the path to perfection, you face it all. Your sunglasses do, too. That’s why these IPX4 water-resistant sport sunglasses were designed to survive the elements. The polycarbonate polarised lenses are scratch and shatter resistant. The TR-90 nylon frame is rugged and durable. And a specially designed acoustic mesh in the ports helps keep out water and debris.

That’s the difference. It’s a revolutionary Open Ear Audio™ experience that frees you from headphones so you can stay aware of your surroundings—traffic, pedestrians, whatever you run up against when exercising outside. And when you need more motivation, just turn it up. With specially designed Bose speakers, one embedded in each temple, Bose Frames Tempo play louder and deeper than all other audio sunglasses so you can feel the music, and the endorphins, even over the rush of the wind when cycling at speeds of 40 km/h.

Interchangeable lenses – easy to swap

Interchangeable sport lenses make Bose Frames Tempo multi-sport ready. Swap lenses in seconds to match your current terrain and lighting conditions.

The effect of using Road Orange lenses on the left and the naked eye on the right

Left: Road Orange lenses | Right: Naked eye

Road Orange are medium-light lenses ideal for road running and cycling, helps reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by bright light and glare on the open road.

Left: Trail Blue lenses | Right: Naked eye

Trail Blue are medium- to low-light lenses designed for the filtered light of shaded trails. Sharpen details in uneven terrain while reducing bright light. Ideal for trail running and mountain biking.

Bose Sunglasses Twilight Yellow

Left: Twilight Yellow lenses | Right: Naked eye

Twilight Yellow are low-light lenses, ideal for evening or early morning training, helps brighten trails and enhance visibility in dark, cloudy or foggy environments.

Still not convinced? It’s a bit of a stretch to believe you won’t need ear phones but you can still take calls and listen to your favourite music or podcasts. In case you’re still not sure, Bose offers a 90 day trial period so you can take them for a spin outside. They say if you’re not happy, you can return them within 90 days for a full refund.

Bose Frames Sport Audio sunglasses are also available in the Soprano and Tenor styles. For more about the Bose Tempo sunglasses, take a look here.
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