Manufacturing bodies strike deal to build future Irish industry 4.0 workforce

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A partnership has been agreed between two of Ireland’s leading manufacturing research groups that will see them provide skills and training programmes to those looking to work in Industry 4.0.

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre of Excellence (AMTCE) in Dundalk, Co Louth and Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) in Mullingar, Co Westmeath have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to influence the development of a national workforce skilled in advanced manufacturing.

IMR is the largest manufacturing research and technology organisation in Ireland, with facilities in both Dublin and Mullingar. It works with Irish and international brands to research new and emerging technologies. It aims to enable manufacturers of all sizes and across all sectors to be leaders in advanced manufacturing.

The AMTCE was opened last year as a training facility providing skills training, apprenticeships, and level 5/6 courses in robotic processes, cobotics, additive manufacturing, IIoT, CAD/CAM, industrial control, cybersecurity, process optimisation (Lean 6 Sigma), bioPharma, food processing and more.

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The agreement will see the two bodies provide technical and training resources to businesses working in Industry 4.0, to ensure Ireland becomes a leader in the sector.

The deal will also drive collaboration in relation to exploring national, regional and European funding opportunities.

The Minister for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation, Robert Troy, welcomed the agreement. He was in attendance as the MOU was signed.

“With this MOU, AMTCE and IMR will be able to provide both technical and training resources to support companies as they adopt and deploy digital technologies within their operations,” Troy said.

“This will be extremely beneficial to companies as their workforces upskill and will ensure that the next generation of employees in the manufacturing sector are highly trained and digitally enabled,” he added.

Barry Kennedy, CEO, IMR said that technology was “changing at a rate never seen before” and if Ireland is to maintain and grow its manufacturing sector which is crucial to our GDP growth currently above 30pc (significantly above the EU average), then it needs to figure out how to rapidly and securely introduce these emerging technologies to stay relevant in the market place.”

Kennedy added that the collaboration between his organisation and AMTCE would be impactful in creating a team of skilled personnel in the factories ready to take advantage of the new technologies as they are introduced.

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