Nigerian Healthtech Startup, Lifebank Expands Into Kenya

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Nigerian health-tech startup, Lifebank has extended its operations into Kenya. The company announced this via its twitter page.

Excited much?
Sure we are! We are glad to be in Kenya and ready to keep saving more lives.#lifebankkenya #kenya #digitalhealthcare #lifebankcares

— LifeBank (@LifeBankCares) September 15, 2020

Before the recent expansion, Lifebank had been running its operations only in Nigeria, West Africa. With this, the e-health platform has now extended its reach to Eastern Africa.

The company says it has launched a new website for its Kenya operations.

Going by a World Bank report, over 80% of Kenyans have no access to any kind of medical care.

Even with public health insurance available since 1966, only 20% of Kenyans have access to some sort of medical coverage. With the population at over 44 million and rising, it means as many as 35 million Kenyans are excluded from quality health care coverage.

World Bank

As a provider of critical medical supplies such as blood and oxygen, Lifebank will expect a large market in Kenya that will be needing its services.

What to Know About LifeBank

LifeBank was founded in 2015 by Temie Giwa-Tubosun. The company has its headquarters in Yaba, Lagos.

Formerly known as One Percent Project, LifeBank was founded by Temie as a medtech startup to end blood shortage in Nigeria. The founding was reportedly inspired by the complications surrounding the birth of Temie’s first child.

LifeBank image with a blood bankLifeBank helps people’s access blood banks

LifeBank’s aims to educate people on the importance of blood donation for anyone in need of blood and increase accessibility to blood banks. It does this by working with hospitals and clinics.

Speaking on Temie’s LifeBank project in 2016, Mark Zuckerberg said:

If everyone had the opportunity to build something like this, then the world would be a better place… I’ve been to a lot of different cities… people around the world are trying to build stuff like that. If she actually pulls it off, then she’d show a model that will impact not just Lagos, not just Nigeria, but countries all around the world.

LifeBank also delivers vital medical supplies such as oxygen, drugs and medical samples for patients. Through the LifeBank app, people in need of medical care can request for these supplies.

The MedTech company says it has so far delivered more than 28,000 vital medical products, worked with over 670 hospitals and saved up to 10,400 lives.

In November 2019, LifeBank secured a $250,000 grant funding after winning Jack Ma’s Netpreneur Prize. The startup had earlier won a $50,000 funding from the Johnson & Johnson Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0.

LifeBank Plans To Save 1 Million Lives

Having rescued more than 10,000 people in critical emergencies, LifeBank has revealed that it plans to save 990,000 more lives as it expands to Kenya.

Lifebank plans to save 1 million livesLifeBank Plans to save 1 million lives

The company has set for itself a target of saving 1 million people from dying as a result of blood shortage, lack of oxygen and/or the absence of necessary medications.

It plans to do this by increasing access to blood banks, oxygen as well as other critical medical supplies in Nigeria and Kenya.

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