Relativity Space Just Debuted a Fully-Reusable, 3D-Printed Rocket

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Relativity Space — a 3D-printed rocket aerospace company — just announced its next rocket after Terran 1, a small launch-capable vehicle slated to lift off later this year, according to an initial report from CNBC.

The new rocket is called Terran R and will be much larger than its predecessor. An orbital rocket with roughly 20 times the cargo capacity of Terran 1, Terran R will also be entirely reusable — encompassing both the first- and second-stage rockets, one-upping SpaceX's workhorse, the Falcon 9.

Relativity Space debuts a fully-reusable, 3D-printed rocket

This comes on the heels of major funding rounds with the likes of Y Combinator, along with endorsements from the White House and The World Economic Forum, and even NASA officials.

"When I founded Relativity five years ago, it always was [inspiring to see] SpaceX launching and landing rockets, [and] docking with the International Space Station," said CEO and founder Relativity Space Tim Ellis in a Tech Crunch report. "[T]his idea that going to Mars was critically important for humanity's future, and really expanding the possibilities for human experience, on Earth and beyond."

This is developing news about Relativity Space's debut of its first fully-reusable 3D-printed rocket, which could rival SpaceX, so be sure to check-in with us for more updates.

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