Social Media Roundup: #NoLagosLockdown, 28 Abortions and Other Trending Stories This Week

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Last week, the lockdown was relaxed in states like Lagos, Ogun and Abuja. In its place, a partial lockdown was imposed with restrictions to business hours and a curfew on movements.

However, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases hasn’t exactly dropped since then. This, coupled with the negligence of residents and their failure to follow laid down guidelines have sparked conversations on whether there will be a re-lockdown, especially in Lagos.

If the FG does not approve a second total lockdown, 183 in Lagos is just a warming up for what is coming in weeks to come.

— Duke of Ibadan 🀄 (@AsiwajuLerry) May 7, 2020

Lagos State threatens to revert to full lock-down

— Nairametrics (@Nairametrics) May 10, 2020

On Tuesday, the Lagos State Government conducted a poll on Twitter, asking whether residents preferred the full lockdown, no lockdown or if they are indifferent.

Considering the level of compliance with government's directives on limiting the spread of Covid-19 in a Lagos State, should the State Government impose another lockdown or not? @jidesanwoolu @JokeSanwoolu @drobafemihamzat @ProfAkinAbayomi @LSMOH @gboyegaakosile @Mr_JAGss

— The Lagos State Govt (@followlasg) May 12, 2020

Despite the trending #NoLagosLockdown hashtag with which residents expressed their refusal of a new lockdown, the option to continue the lockdown won the poll. How come?

This picture tells it all🙄

— Adesanya Oluwatobi (@tumzyayetty) May 13, 2020

#NoLagosLockDown I’m tired of looking for new places to take pics in the house 😓

— Ike Onyema (@Iam_IkeOnyema) May 13, 2020

You collect salaries, allowances and bonuses even during the Lockdown that's why u shout "LOCKDOWN LAGOS!"
Have you considered the poor, destitute and people who survive by the daily hustle? #NoLagosLockDown

— Uzochukwu (@uzo88) May 13, 2020

This afternoon I got a call from a friend of mine who works at VI her company sent her an email, that she was sacked, then she voiced out “Aisha who would accept me or even offer me a job now”. The poor is getting poorer, while the rich is getting richer.


— Fulani Finest 🌸 (@ashanteewa) May 13, 2020

We don't need another lockdown in Lagos or anywhere in the world. No need for it. It is proven to be even harmful to health.
And it's against universal human rights.#NoLagosLockDown

— Linda_Triumph (@TriumphLinda) May 13, 2020

John Wike, the No-Nonsense Governor

Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers state happens to be the ‘hardest working’ governor in Nigeria currently. Over the last week, he has been actively involved in the arrest of several lockdown defaulters and demolition of hotels discovered to be operating during the lockdown.

While he was ‘praised’ by some online users for his gallant efforts at ensuring adherence to the rules, he’s been tagged a tyrant by several others.

Gov. Wike no dey joke with this lockdown. I can’t stop laughing😂😂😂

— Omoniyi Israel (@__Omoissy) May 8, 2020

Wike had compassion on a pregnant woman that violated his lockdown order

— PH Point 1 (@ajuicygeorge) May 7, 2020

Twitter is quiet oooooo. I said make you watch General Wike’s video small. Wike is not a ghost Gov pls

— Woye (@woye1) May 10, 2020

Buhari killed Shiites;
Killed IPOB members;
Assaulted the judiciary;
Disobeyed Court Orders;
Arrested protesters;
Jailed activists & critics.
All throughout this 5yrs period of tyranny, you didn’t get angry but you are suddenly very angry over Wike’s tyranny.

— Comrade Deji Adeyanju (@adeyanjudeji) May 11, 2020

Wike has never been a surprise.

— TallJohn🌍 (@JohnFanimokun) May 14, 2020

The Hotel demolished by Sitting Governor Wike today will be rebuilt by Outgoing Governor Wike tomorrow.

— Senator Shehu Sani (@ShehuSani) May 11, 2020

So Governor Wike's demonstrably illegal demolition of people's hotels in Rivers State has defenders on social media? And, curiously, from people who criticize Buhari? Seriously? People who defend Wike's condemnably anarchic thuggery but criticize Buhari clearly aren't Buhari

— Farooq Kperogi, Ph.D (@farooqkperogi) May 11, 2020

Quick and expensive advice – if you are in Rivers state, please abide by the rules, else…

John Wike.John Wike gat eyes on you

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …28 Abortions

28 Abortions.

No, it’s not the name of a movie. It’s a true-life story.

During the week, the story of a lady surfaced on Twitter. According to her, a Yoruba demon named Kunle, whom she had known for years made her do several abortions as he wasn’t ready for a family yet.

 #NoLagosLockdown, 28 Abortions and Other Trending Stories This Week

Now in her 30s, the lady claimed to have done several abortions for him and lost count on the 28th – so it could be more, definitely not less.

Kunle made a lady undergo 28 Abortions story is disturbing,it's important 4 every girl dat want 2 go into relationship 2 've a mind of her own cos most people can only advice u based on how they see life or selfishness.Ur BF,Mum,friends & co-worker advice fit make or mar ur life.

— ABDUL AMID 💎 HUMBLE (@amid_temitayo) May 12, 2020

Kunle, who is in his 20s then promised her marriage but absconded on the D-day. The Nigerian Twitter compound, of course, came out to have their take on the matter.

How possible is that ??
But For heaven's sake you and your boy boyfriend should be jailed serial killers!#28abortions

— Kenny💥📱 (@RhajeeSodiq) May 13, 2020

So this girl deed 28 abortion for this guy, me only one abortion I was been hated n threatened with police… last last na so the relationship ta end 😢

— Proudly ijaw boy (@PeterEbipade) May 13, 2020

#28abortions. Well thank God. My name is. FEMI not kunle at least all these word over femi will shift to kunle now
Buy wait.
28 abortion or 28 rejected proposal
Coz I don't understand. Coz 28 abortion will account to over 300 times sex. Kunle run mad or madness

— Ayomikun ✌ (@fesofemmy) May 13, 2020

Someone would do 28 abortions, she no go Ku.(die)

Another person would attempt just 1 abortion, she no go survive am.

And then, legally married couple go dey find fruit of the womb, them no go see am..

E be what??

— wisebaba (@Wizebaba) May 12, 2020

You did 28 abortions for someone and your womb is still intact? Is your doctor Ben Carson?

— CHESKY (@tweetsofchesky) May 12, 2020

Twitter Mathematicians also hopped on.

A lady will need 10years of getting pregnant every 4months to get 28 abortions. Or 7years of getting pregnant every 3months.

It would be extremely stressful mentally, physically and emotionally for a woman to get pregnant every 2-3months.

That “Kunle” gist is most likely a lie.

— #OurFavOnlineDoc 🛂 (@DrOlufunmilayo) May 12, 2020

Some said it was Nollywood…

28 Abortions ke ?

Imagine it was Nollywood, Kunle and the babe will be seeing Children everywhere in their house, even inside pot

— Trouble Maker 😒 (G.O) (@ObongRoviel) May 12, 2020

So this Kunle guy made a lady undergo 28 abortions, bought N500 wedding ring and absconded on their wedding introduction day! How possible is that?
This level of fuckery is undaunted ☺

— Aunty timmie (@timmie__) May 12, 2020

To the legend that did 28 abortions…..That shit was made up.
She said she lost count after 28. When your womb is not made from kevlar. 🙄

— Me…Ferdy (@_The_Immortal) May 11, 2020

To Lord Future Kunle, if you are reading this post, please do something about the situation – age is nothing but a number you know.


So, over the week many twitter users have been showing off their gengs. From Yoruba demons geng to the beautiful girls geng, the threads were beautiful.

Thread of beautiful, gorgeous and sexy Yoruba women. Sisters, let’s tension them 🥂✨

— Wigwoman✨ (@_Matriarchh) May 14, 2020

A thread of fully blooded Yoruba kings for the culture :
-Tall or short
-Fat or slim
-Fair or dark
-Bearded or beardless
-Kaftan or English
Bless us with fine jpegs plus your state . I will go first ;

Ilorin/Kwara state. RT for others to join. 👇🏾

👑شَهيد|•Y•B•N•L•| (@Remmzor_YBNL) May 14, 2020

A Unity Thread of all tribes ( Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Tiv etc) for Both Kings and Queens.

Bless us with fine jpegs plus your Name, Tribe and State.

One Nigeria , One Nation! 🇳🇬❤

RT for others to Join, let’s do this for the culture.

— M i a 🧣 (@sisimiaa) May 15, 2020

Which geng do you think i belong, most people think I look like Igbo and not Fulani, is that true 🤷🏻‍♀️?

— Fulani Finest 🌸 (@ashanteewa) May 14, 2020

Low cut geng… I'll follow everyone that likes this tweet…
Follow back please.😍#SetAwon

— Della_clothier's (@addeyhola) May 14, 2020

#SetAwon Cute guys
I'm single guys
My DM is opened Guys
I'm all you want in a guy…
Rt my LOML myt be on ur TL

— King 👑Solomon For Cuteness (@Itz_Sugarboi) May 14, 2020

Some even extended the set trend to movies, ‘stanning’ the Professor in Money Heist or Micheal Scofield in Prison Break.

In your Opinion Which character is smarter?
RT for Professor like for Michael Scofield#MoneyHeist

— 𝐢𝐆𝐰𝐞 (@OfficialKamsi_) May 14, 2020

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In the meantime, please adhere to all guidelines by the government and health agencies and if you don’t have something important to do outdoors, please stay back at home.

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