Tech Skills To Learn Before The End of 2021

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Another year will soon end, and technical skills are still in high demand. These days, more companies are putting in a lot of resources towards hiring and sustaining employees with the right technical skills. 

People with technical skills are often well-paid and have more flexibility and control over their time. This is because many of them work remotely either fully or partially.

To land a good tech job, you need to have certain technical skills. Fortunately, not all tech jobs are coding or programming-related. There are a few that require more soft skills than hard technical skills.

Some technical skills you could learn before this year ends are listed below.

Project Management

Project Management is an all-around valuable skill to have whether you are in tech or not. You’ll be able to effectively manage and supervise different teams working on the same project. 

You can apply these skills to other fields outside tech like manufacturing, marketing, consulting, healthcare, energy, etc. The Project Management Institute has said that there will be a demand for 88 million professionals for project management roles by the end of 2021. 


You probably know of blockchain as the technology used to build Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain is also used in peer-to-peer payments, identity management, digital storage, crowdfunding, etc.

Institutions such as banks and security organizations need people with blockchain skills to help build platforms for their businesses. You’ll need to learn networking, database design, and programming languages to become a blockchain expert.


Cybersecurity risks are a major cause for concern for both private individuals and businesses. Sensitive personal and business data is always at risk of being illegally used or deleted by cybercriminals. Therefore, businesses need cybersecurity professionals to secure their databases. 

Some of the skills you’ll need are cybersecurity, information security, network security, and vulnerability. You’ll also need a good understanding of the fundamentals of programming languages. 

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Cloud Computing

Cloud engineers are more in demand as more organizations switch from traditional server infrastructures to cloud solutions. Luckily, this is a relatively new field and cloud engineers are not many. This makes it an interesting challenge for anyone willing to learn. 

Cloud computing skills will greatly improve your job prospects and give you a competitive edge. It becomes better when you become AWS-certified. This way, you’ll end more than non-certified counterparts. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are two of the most in-demand skills in the IT industry. Often used concurrently, AI is the broader concept of designing machines to act ‘intelligently’. ML is the subset of AI that allows a machine to automatically learn from past data without manual programming. 

AI and ML offer huge potentials for the future and can be applied in every industry including education, healthcare, finance, government, etc. People with AI and ML skills have the liberty to work on projects that genuinely interest them, and they earn well too.

Software Development

Software development is not a new field, but that does not make it any less relevant. Digital solutions are always going to be built and maintained, and people who have the right skills will always be needed. 

Both frontend and backend developers are in demand in many countries. There are a ton of remote jobs available for these roles. Some of the most popular programming languages you can learn are Javascript, Python, Java, React, Angular, Django, etc. 

Augmented Reality  and Virtual Reality 

AR and VR are no longer used only in the entertainment and gaming industry. Now, they are also used in education, health, manufacturing, advertising, etc. A combination of both AR and VR is known as Extended Reality (XR). 

To become a professional, you’ll need to learn coding skills like C+, C++, Java, and Objective-C. You’ll also need to be familiar with 3D applications and Unity platform. 

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Data Science and Analysis

More businesses now make data-driven decisions, and data scientists are needed to extract and clean up data from research tools. Data Science and Data Analysis are two consistently in-demand jobs that involve data. 

Data Analysis is more suited for beginners, while the other is recommended for people with more experience. Industries apart from tech where these skills are needed to include banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and even the federal government. 

IT Support 

The last (but not in any way the least) skill you can learn is IT support. Tech employees who work from home are going to need extra support to do their jobs. They’ll need a solid liaison between themselves and management and the business’ customers.

IT support skills require a basic understanding of technical skills and more of soft skills of communication, time management, diplomacy, and collaboration. If you are not thrilled with learning coding languages, this is a good fit for you.

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Whether you are new to the technology space or you already have some experience, learning these skills will help you build a solid career. It’s up to you to check them out and discover which suits your preferences best. But assuredly, they are not going out of relevance any time soon. 

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