Tesla Paused Model 3 Production With Only Partial Pay for Forced Time Off

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Tesla has ordered a halt to production of Model 3 vehicles in its Fremont, California factory, according to an initial report from Bloomberg.

Tesla halts production of Model 3 vehicles with partial pay for forced time off

Tesla told its workers to stop production of the Model 3 in its Fremont, California factory — and a source familiar with plant's operations said Tesla gave no clear reason why production should pause, according to the Bloomberg report.

Executives at Tesla told line staff on the Model 3 production line that it would be paused from February 22 to March 7 — but the workers will only receive pay on some workdays. Specifically, workers were informed their pay would be for Feb. 22 to Feb. 23, but not for Feb. 28 through March 3.

As of writing, Tesla has not officially confirmed this pause in production, and no layoffs have occurred from this decision.

This is a developing story about Tesla pausing production on production of its Model 3 in a California factory, so be sure to check-in with us for more updates.

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