Things to check and consider when buying a used iPhone

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There are many things to consider and also check when buying a used iPhone. This topic consists of two main keywords which are "consider" and "check". When you talk about things to consider, you talk about the budget, the reason for procuring the device, etc. This is when you ask yourself what specifications do I need in this device and also which iPhone suits my budget.

 When you talk about things to check, this is the next process after you have decided on the iPhone to buy. When you hit the iPhone dealership, you don't just walk in and pick any device as if you are buying a brand new device. You have to carry out a thorough check on the device. The areas involved in these specifications include the body, camera, software, touch sensors, screen, all the ports, the buttons, etc.

 I crafted this article to giving you more insight into things to consider and check before buying a used iPhone. This guide if followed properly will keep you on the safer side when buying a used Apple iPhone, irrespective of the part of the world you are. I will get started with this to consider, then I will call it a day with things to check when buying a used device.

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 Things to consider when buying a used Apple iPhone

 Before you hit the dealership, you must have mapped out a specific amount of money for the device and the specification you need in your next iPhone.

1.       Budget: Most people always rush into buying iPhones without mapping out a budget that will not break their accounts. I know you are anxious about getting the device but hey don't be too quick you don't make costly mistakes. Before hitting the dealership, map out a specific budget, you can search online to know the prices.

2.       What specification do I need in the device? Before buying a new device, ask yourself these questions: what do I need it for? What specification will my job or business? Lets' take, for example, you are a video creator, you don't need a device with 32 GB of ROM, you need something higher than that.

Things to check when buying a used iPhone

 Remember you are buying a used device and thorough checks must be carried out to ascertain its level of performance. Enough time must be devoted to inspecting the device so you don't buy a faulty device. Follow the steps listed below when you checking your device.

1.       Compare prices of the used iPhone online: Before you hit the dealership, compare prices of the used devices online. You can compare prices by visiting online e-commerce shops and free classified websites, recently some websites are making it very easy to compare prices of used iPhones, such as this comprehensive review I found about the price of the UK used Apple iPhones in Nigeria. Take a day or two to surf the web so you don’t get scammed.

2.       Check the exterior for dents and scratch: This is the first step, once you set your eyes on the device, look at the exterior carefully to ascertain if there is any scratch or dents on it. Most iPhone dealers shops have some fancy lightings that illuminate the shop poorly, in this case, take the device where you will have enough light. Check the body for dents, cracks, and scratches.

3.       Verify the IMEI number from both the body and software: This step must not be missed or you may fall victim to buying a stolen. Most people may repackage a used iPhone with two conflicting IMEI. Take time to confirm the IMEI at the back and the IMEI on the software. They can manipulate the IMEI at the back but they cannot manipulate the one inside the device.  To see the IMEI on the software, go to Settings> General > About, swipe down to IMEI, and carry the necessary verifications.
 To confirm that the device is not stolen, go to and type the IMEI, it will look it up to certify it's not stolen. 

4.       Check the device battery life: I love iPhones more because it shows you the battery life in percentage. The feature is inbuilt in the device. I always recommend buying a device that has comes with nothing less than 90% battery life so you don’t have a story that touches the heart.

To check the battery life, go to Settings, scroll down to Battery, and you will see the percentage at the top.

5.       Check the device for water damage: This is very important because it always affects the phone. If your phone had water damage, the screen won’t be bright, while other parts may be faulty.

6.       Confirm the device is not locked: Buying a locked device is equal to living without a mobile phone. Most times, these dealers sell off the locked device for less but ask yourself this question, why didn't the owner unlock the device before selling it off? Let me make it clear to you that most locked devices are stolen. I will advise you not to buy any locked device, if you do, remember no one is going to jail for you.

7.       Check if the network is locked: Most devices come with a network, although this is easy to remove I always advise people to ask the dealer to unlock it. Check it thoroughly before leaving the shop. Insert your SIM card to make sure it's compatible before leaving the shop.

8.       Make sure all the buttons are working: this is very important because most devices come with faulty buttons. So come with faulty volume buttons, while others come with a faulty power button.

9.       Make sure the touch sensor is working perfectly well: This is very important, if the touch sensor is not working properly, don’t take it for no reason. Remember that the cost of repairing the iPhone is very high and adding any additional cost is not welcomed.

10.   Check the warranty: Most come with a warranty while others don't. Check if you are buying it with the warranty or if you're are going to pay for an additional warranty. This will aid you in determining a suitable price to offer.

11.   Check all the ports to ascertain if it's working: The earphone jacks, the charging ports, and every other port should be thoroughly checked so you don't buy a faulty device.

12.   Confirm if the face ID and fingerprint sensor are working: Most used iPhones, especially iPhone X series, 11 series, and 12 series always come with faulty face ID. iPhone 8 and earlier models come with a faulty fingerprint ID.

I hope you know things to consider and check when buying a used iPhone in Nigeria now. 

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